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Solo Occupancy WHG0002

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Solo Occupancy (Creating a Haunted House)

"You are a house; you are haunted; and you just want to be left alone!

Why, when all you want is to be the sole occupant of your own body, do stupid humans insist on coming to stay in you, either because they are completely ignorant of what you are or because of it!?

You have a number of tricks and surprises at your command to help you evict those unwanted guests. Your power is strongest at night, while at dawn your power wanes. If you are up to the challenge you can have solitude, but if you fail you will have to suffer occupants until the next evening when your power returns and you can try again.

Will you manage to become the solo occupant of your own being? Only time will tell."

Due an Update

Written for the RPGGeek 48hr scenario contest this is my finished work on building a haunted house.

I plan to upgrade the document to include solo play rules. Any purchasers of the item prior to this development will receive the updated version when it is finished. It will likely use a playing card system to provide the randomness required. I do not, as yet, have a time-frame for this update.



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