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Pixel Perfect WHG0001

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Pixel PerfectPixel Perfect Cover, by Sam Byford. Art by John Kapsalis.

The Flesh have been creating pixel art for decades now, thinking we are inanimate dots of light on the screen that turn off as soon as the program is stopped or the power removed. Little do they know that life continues unabated while they sleep and dream. But life is not so simple for you, trapped inside the computer, beholden to the whims of The Flesh.

Drama System Series Pitch

This is a Drama System series pitch where the players take on any computer character they wish and the series director provides them various scenarios to test them and see how they will react.

It is advised to own the core Drama System book.

Pixel Perfect Vision Layers example

Vision Layers

This pdf has multiple layers, with different text colours for titles/accented text to aid with overcoming visual impairments.

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